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Pic 5The ACIDLOOP project participated in the WaterTech Expo & Conference in Gandhinagar, India on 28th September 2013 by hosting a session on resource efficiency in the metal finishing sector. The session was aimed at presenting the project approach as well as the different stakeholder views on resource efficiency. 

At the beginning of the session Dr. Malini Balakrishnan provided a brief overview of the ACIDLOOP project. This was followed by a presentation of Mr. Raman Ajgaonkar of the Marathwada Association of Small Scale Industries & Agriculture (MASSIA), Aurangabad. He pointed out that Aurangabad being a water stressed area, there is a strong need for water treatment and recycling for local metal finishing units utilizing water as a critical resource in their process. Mr. Ajgaonkar concluded by requesting all stakeholders to help minimizing water consumption and developing suitable waste water treatment technologies.

The view of the technology providers was given by Mr. Y B Chavan of the Opel Energy Systems Pvt.Ltd, Pune. He demonstrated that significant saving potentials for resources are given in the metal finishing sector. He highlighted that a 10- 15% saving potential from exhaust is possible and up to 5% savings can be achieved by optimizing surface insulation, preventing leakage using fuel saving devices. Another technology supplier representative, Mr. Nimesh Shah of Micro Minus Electronics Pvt. Ltd, made the point that due to inadequate measuring and monitoring, excess water and chemicals are being used in the process which are ultimately discharged into the waste water stream.

These presentations were followed by a panel discussion in which Mr. B Datta of ENC Consulting Engineers (Gurgaon) emphasized the need to start with good housekeeping practices, modifications in existing processes and further modifying the production process through substitution of chemicals and alternative processes. Mr. Bharat Jain of the Gujarat Centre for Cleaner Production (GCPC) introduced the regulatory approach of Gujarat State. He also highlighted Gujarat State Administration’s efforts to establish a platform for waste sharing/symbiosis wherein waste of one industry may be transported and utilized by compatible industry/process. Finally, Mr. Raman Ajgaonkar of MASSIA acknowledged that a sustained and focused effort on the part of the SMEs, technology providers, research institutions, regulatory organisations and finance institutions would be necessary to implement effective waste water treatment technologies in the metal finishing industries.

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ACIDLOOP is a 4-year project (2012-2016) supported by the European Union (EU) under the SWITCH Asia Programme. This programme emphasizes sustainable consumption and production in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). ACIDLOOP is targeted specifically at the Indian metal finishing industry.  It aims to introduce technology innovation for acid recovery as well as resource efficiency that would lead to improved environmental quality and combat pollution.  The activities is taking place in various locations in northern, western and southern India.


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