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Chandigarh - May 2015

United Electroplaters, Chandigarh is a small electroplating service providing company. The entrepreneur Mr. Rakesh Sharma was looking for additional business opportunities to diversify and expand. He came across one such proposal in 2013, around the time that the ACIDLOOP team handed over the Visit Report to him. While he found the recommendations provided in the report very useful, he decided to delegate the operations of his electroplating business to an employee to allow him to focus on new business opportunities.  He intended to hire a person with technical qualifications that could follow-up on the ACIDLOOP recommendations and make his electroplating business more resource efficient.

He became vHuman story picery busy with the business development project and invested his capital into the new business. Unfortunately, this new business did not develop satisfactorily. In the meantime his electroplating business also did not achieve the intended process improvements, though financially it continued to perform as before. A few weeks ago he took the hard decision to quit the new business and decided to focus on his electroplating business aiming at scaling the same up. He contacted a large multinational company that sources several electroplated parts through its suppliers in the Chandigarh area and invited the company’s quality staff to conduct an audit of his facility, in order to qualify United Electroplaters as an approved electroplater for the company. The auditor scored the shop floor poorly, with reference to the high standards set forth by the multinational company. 

Mr. Sharma was keen to obtain approval and also wanted to demonstrate his company's potential to improve. He pulled out the ACIDLOOP Visit Report and explained to the auditor his vision to improve his electroplating plant to become a responsible and resource efficient plant. Mr. Sharma explained to the auditor that he had associated himself with ACIDLOOP but due to business plan changes could not pursue and implement the recommendations and lost nearly two years. Now with the ongoing support of ACIDLOOP he commited to make several improvements in his work place and to render it more resource efficient.

Impressed by the type of support ACIDLOOP is providing to United Electroplaters, and the very specific and relevant recommendations with photos he saw in the Vists Report, the auditor recommended that the company qualifies as approved electroplater for the multinational company.

Association with ACIDLOOP has opened up a great business growth potential for Mr. Sharma.


ACIDLOOP is a 4-year project (2012-2016) supported by the European Union (EU) under the SWITCH Asia Programme. This programme emphasizes sustainable consumption and production in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). ACIDLOOP is targeted specifically at the Indian metal finishing industry.  It aims to introduce technology innovation for acid recovery as well as resource efficiency that would lead to improved environmental quality and combat pollution.  The activities is taking place in various locations in northern, western and southern India.


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