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The ACIDLOOP team has interviewed Mr K S Anbuselvan, a thought-leader and electroplating business owner from Chennai, on the relevance of resource efficiency for the electroplating industry.


ACIDLOOP: How do you think resource efficiency (RE) will benefit SMEs in India?

Mr K S Anbuselvan: The future of SMEs is at stake now. It is the right time to optimize the operating practices of SMEs to ensure their business continuity. Therefore, resource efficiency is vital for SMEs.Anbuselvan

ACIDLOOP: In your experience, can SMEs implement RE measures on their own? If not, what kind of assistance would they mostly need?

Mr K S Anbuselvan: Implementing resource efficiency on their own is very difficult for SMEs with their limited knowledge and exposure to the topic. It is better to have an external actor to guide SMEs on the topic of resource efficiency. It can be very beneficial for the SMEs if this external actor can share good- and best-practice examples experiences from other SME units in India as well as from other countries.

ACIDLOOP: What role do you see for customers of SMEs in promoting RE approach?

Mr K S Anbuselvan: Customers are more concerned about cost cutting. They will insist more on this issue. Therefore, I only see a limited role for them to push RE.

ACIDLOOP: What role do you see for the government (state/central) to promote RE approach?

Mr K S Anbuselvan: Promoting RE among SMEs is very important for State and Central Government according to their mandate but they have not pushed this issue strongly in the past. If SMEs are more resource efficient their businesses will prosper - this also means more revenues for the government from increasing taxes. For this reason, they should take this topic seriously and promote RE among SME.

ACIDLOOP: In the context of recently announced ZED (zero effect zero defect) campaign (as part of the “Make in India” campaign), do you see a larger role for projects like ACIDLOOP?

Mr K S Anbuselvan: Yes, organizations like ACIDLOOP are very relevant for SMEs because they have the knowledge about good- and best-practices with regard to resource efficiency. Making this knowledge available to SMEs directly helps them to be more competitive. Additionally, it helps preserving the environment and contributes to a better and safer workplace.

ACIDLOOP: Thank you for your answers and insights.


ACIDLOOP is a 4-year project (2012-2016) supported by the European Union (EU) under the SWITCH Asia Programme. This programme emphasizes sustainable consumption and production in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). ACIDLOOP is targeted specifically at the Indian metal finishing industry.  It aims to introduce technology innovation for acid recovery as well as resource efficiency that would lead to improved environmental quality and combat pollution.  The activities is taking place in various locations in northern, western and southern India.


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